Government or NGO? Yext wants to help.

We're volunteering our services to help governments and NGOs keep the public informed.

As you navigate the change and uncertainty ahead, getting the right information out quickly is critical to reopening safely. Yext wants to help.

We're volunteering our services to help governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) keep the public informed with a COVID-19 Answers Hub to answer people's questions about reopening policies, employment assistance, executive orders, and much more.

In a time when many people are confused or fearful, we want to help them get the quick answers they need — so they can make the best decisions for their families, and so you can keep them safe and healthy while you begin the process of reopening.

Our developers are ready to offer pro bono assistance. Contact us today at or by clicking below — we’re here to help.

—Brian Distelburger
Co-Founder and President, Yext

Here's what we can build for you or add to your existing website:

Natural Language Search Bar

As information changes by the minute, give people a single, central place where they can ask questions and get answers — about reopening policies, employment benefits, executive orders, CDC guidance, and more — without flooding your hotline.

Essential Jobs Finder

Rapidly redeploy displaced workers in your area to meet the growing hiring demand in essential industries like healthcare and grocery retail. A central hub for all open jobs matches available workers with open positions in their areas.

New Jersey Collaborates with Yext to Launch Comprehensive COVID-19 Information Hub

The New Jersey COVID-19 Information Hub provides New Jerseyans with the most up-to-date information about COVID-19 and the State's response.

  • Understands natural language questions and delivers answers — not links
  • Consolidates info from state agencies, CDC, Federation of American Scientists, and more
  • Jobs and Volunteer portals help deploy paid and volunteer workforce to essential roles
  • Shows state officials what people want to know — so they can adapt content and provide better answers
  • Live Updates show cases by county and testing information
  • Updates are fast as information evolves
  • Every minute matters. Yext is ready to help. Contact us today.

    “Access to accurate and timely information is critical in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. I want to thank Yext for stepping up at this crucial moment and donating services and assistance that are further enabling us to provide our residents with vital information from numerous sources seamlessly and in a centralized location.”

    —Phil Murphy, Governor of New Jersey