Essential Jobs Finder

We're volunteering our services to help you redeploy your community's workforce to essential roles.

Rapidly redeploy displaced workers in your area to meet the growing hiring demand in essential industries like healthcare and grocery retail. A central hub for all open jobs matches available workers with open positions in their areas.

As the economy begins to restart, many people continue to find themselves furloughed or unemployed. At the same time, industries like healthcare and grocery retail are trying to fill hundreds or thousands of new positions to support their operations.

Work with us to create an Essential Jobs Finder on your COVID-19 Answers Hub to connect available displaced workers with open jobs in their areas. Allow people to filter by location, industry, wages, work requirements, and more.

In addition to filling essential roles and helping people find employment at this unprecedented time, the Essential Jobs Finder helps workers find roles close to home, helping to minimize travel — and risk — as much as they can.

A central hub for open jobs helps you:

Rapidly Fill Essential Roles

Meet hiring demand in essential industries that are staffing up in response to COVID-19, from healthcare to grocery retail.

Help People Get Back to Work

Support community members who have lost their jobs in the wake of COVID-19 by connecting them to open opportunities.

Keep Workers Close to Home

Help people find open roles close to where they live, to minimize travel — and the potential risks that come with it.

New Jersey launched their COVID-19 Answers Hub in just four days.

“The site is fully searchable, and allows the public to submit their questions about COVID-19 and get a reliable response. At a time when access to accurate and fast-changing information is of utmost importance, we're pleased to provide this service to the people of New Jersey.”

—Beth Simone Noveck, Chief Innovation Officer, State of New Jersey


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As information changes by the minute, give people a single, central place where they can ask questions and get answers — about reopening policies, employment benefits, executive orders, CDC guidance, and more — without flooding your hotline.