Natural Language Search Bar

We're volunteering our services to help you answer the public’s questions about COVID-19 and your response.

As information changes by the minute, give people a single, central place where they can ask questions and get answers — about reopening policies, employment benefits, executive orders, CDC guidance, and more — without flooding your hotline.

“Do I have to wear a mask at the grocery store?”
“Are tennis courts still closed?”
“How far apart should I space my tables?”

As the world begins to reopen, people will continue to have questions about the impact of COVID-19 — and they don’t have time to sift through page after page to find what they need. We’re volunteering our services to help you answer them.

Work with us to build a Natural Language Search Experience that lets people ask questions and get direct answers from a cutting-edge interface that mirrors the best consumer sites.

Natural language search reduces the burden on your hotline by helping people find information quickly, on their own. And, it shows you the most common questions they have, so you can prioritize your focus on answering them.

Consolidate info from any source into a one-stop search experience:

State and Agency Sources

Pull in data from local departments of health, labor and workforce development, and other agencies to give people the latest updates on reopening policies, executive orders, employment benefits, and more.

Centers for Disease Control

Answer questions about safety practices and symptoms by displaying the latest COVID-19 FAQs from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Federation of American Scientists

Leverage content from the Federation of American Scientists' “Ask a Scientist” project, created in partnership with the State of New Jersey, which sources answers to questions about COVID-19 from hundreds of scientific experts.

New Jersey launched their COVID-19 Answers Hub in just four days.

“Access to accurate and timely information is critical in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. I want to thank Yext for stepping up at this crucial moment and donating services and assistance that are further enabling us to provide our residents with vital information from numerous sources seamlessly and in a centralized location.”

—Phil Murphy, Governor of New Jersey


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